TRANS-SI♭ solo show, music by Luca Tomassini curated by Rossana Calbi

Mostra personale di Gerlanda Di Francia in collaborazione con il musicista Luca Tomassini. Le melodie di Tomassini introducono lo spettatore come un passeggero nei vagoni- scatola di Gerlanda di Francia, piccole opere tridimensionali che custodiscono visioni immaginifiche dal finestrino di un treno.

Parione9 Gallery presents the exhibition TRANS-SI♭, the first step of Gerlanda di Francia’s solo show in collaboration with musician Luca Tomassini.
TRANS-SI♭, curated by Rossana Calbi, is a journey developed into nine boxes, handpainted dioramas, and melodies composed by Tomassini. 
The work derives from the artists’ journey on the Trans-Siberian train, from the old railway of Kotelnich to the factories of Perm and Ekaterinburg, from the cultural center of Novosibirsk beyond the border of the Urals, in the asiatic landscapes close to the region of Manchuria. The two artists illustrate how music can materialize and turn into color, in their imaginary reconstruction of the travel experience.